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Petty Blue ’73 Dodge Challenger with a Great Story

1973 dodge challenger original owner

This Petty Blue 1973 Dodge Challenger is not only in mint condition, but is also a one owner Mopar with a great story. Doug White was a big fan of Richard Petty and his Father worked at a Dodge dealership at the time. So one day Doug’s Dad gave him a call and told him he believes this is the perfect car for him.

Doug went over and within one hour he owned it. On the way back he told his Father, he will never sell the 1973 Dodge Challenger. He kept his word and while his Father is long gone, the memory of him lives on as the car is still here and Doug is sharing the story of his Mopar in front of my friend Lou’s camera.

Play the video from Chrysler Nationals to learn all about this original owner Dodge Challenger.

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