1970 Challenger R/T Formerly Owned by Bobby Isaac

bobby isaac owned 1970 dodge challenger


After winning the '69 Texas 500, legendary NASCAR racer Bobby Isaac also known for his K&K Insurance Winged Mopar was given this 1970 Challenger R/T by Dodge as award. Another interesting fact about this muscle car is that it was used in commercials for Dodge City in Charlotte, North Carolina, and perhaps many of you remember Joe Higgins saying “Boy, you’re in a heapa trouble!”

1970 dodge challenger owned by bobby isaac


Bobby gave the HEMI Orange 1970 Dodge Challenger to his son, who crashed the car and it ended up in a junkyard. After Mr. Isaac left our world, the Mopar was rescued and restored, and owned by several collectors during the years until Dale Mathews acquired it in 2015. Check out the Zero Empire video and if you like to read the full story of Bobby Isaac's 1970 Challenger visit Mopar Connection 


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