Real Deal ’64 Mercury Comet A/FX High Riser 427

real 1964 mercury comet a/fx

With the Super Stock racing becoming very popular in the mid 60’s, the next thing that made automotive manufacturers compete was the Factory Experimental class. There were 21 built 1964 Mercury Comet A/FX cars with reduced weight using fiber glass body parts, and even Ford van seats. The high-riser 427 engine pushed way over 400 horsepower controlled by a 4-speed and allowed these little warriors to run the 1/4 mile in 11-second.

1964 mercury comet high riser 427

Some of these A/FX cars were raced by legends like Ronnie Sox and Don Nicholson. This particular 1964 Mercury Comet A/FX wears a Vanilla White paint combined with Red interior and was named “The HEMI Hunter” at some point. It is now fully restored, but still retains all its factory original experimental pieces. Check out the video to learn all about this remarkable piece of American automotive history from Kevin Oeste.