Story of Vin Diesel's '69 Ford Torino GPT Special

furious 7 ford torino talladega


All About the Furious 7 Ford Torino Talladega!

I'm sure many of you have seen the outstanding 1969 Ford Torino called GPT Special either on TV as it was Vin Diesel's car in the Fats & Furious 7 movie or at one of the multiple car shows it attended during the last several years, but what we have here is the full story of this beast.

1969 ford torino fast and furious 7


Built back in 2013 at Rad Rides by Troy, this muscle car is way beyond any 1969 Talladega custom job. Tremendous body work with tons of hand fabrication, unique NASCAR inspired interior and 750hp Boss 429 engine detailed to perfection the GPT Special Ford Torino is even street driven.

See my friend Lou's video for the story of this awesome 1969 Ford Torino build!


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