'69 Ford Ranchero GT Packs a 428 Cobra Jet V8 Mill

1969 ford ranchero gt 428


The 1969 Ford Ranchero retains the overall design of a family sedan combined with the functionality of a pick up truck. But when you add the 428 Cobra Jet V8 mill under the hood, you get what Kevin Oeste calls a muscle car that knows how to work for living.

69 ford ranchero gt 428 cobra jet


If you know your Fords, the hood scoop, stripes and wheels will tell you right away that this is a GT version of the 1969 Ford Ranchero. So I would not call it a sleeper, but considering how many people know nothing about this old Fords today, this 428 Cobra Jet pick up truck could surprise quite a few cocky drivers.

Check out the video to see all about this 428 Cobra Jet 1969 Ford Ranchero GT.


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supercharged 1957 ford ranchero truck
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